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Welcome to the Alliance Heritage Center's Digital Museum!

Stockton University and its community partners are collaborating to establish a permanent Center with the vital mission of preserving and disseminating the history and culture of the Alliance Colony and related Jewish farming communities in southern New Jersey.

The Alliance Colony, founded in 1882, was the first successful Jewish agricultural community in America. With the support of Jewish philanthropists, colonists who escaped the brutal pogroms of czarist Russia settled in South Jersey. Their story, from its roots to the present day, deserves to be preserved. It is an American narrative with life lessons that resonate both nationally and internationally.

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Rights and Permissions: Access to this material is provided for educational and research purposes only. While Stockton University owns these collections, the copyright for individual items varies. Researchers are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions. Please contact Special Collections for further details.

Image from the Bluma book, a young Bluma standing in a cornfield.

A Farmer's Daughter: Bluma is now available for sale on Amazon.

A Farmer’s Daughter: Bluma, tells the story of Bluma Bayuk Rappoport Purmell, daughter of original Alliance Colony settlers Moses and Annette Bayuk. Spanning over a century, this work begins with her parents' escape from Tzarist Russia, chronicles the daily struggles of life on a New Jersey farm, and moves through her years of nursing school, two marriages, and more.

Thanks to a generous grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission, we've digitized even more of our collections. You can browse through our ever-growing digital archives here.

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